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your marketing strategist

Aka Sophi (yes, without the e), Sophia,

or Fi Fi (exclusively used by Soph’s grandmother) 


Sophia found her passion for marketing while getting her MBA at the University of Colorado Boulder. Since she always had an interest in making data-driven decisions to improve business operations, everything simply clicked when she was introduced to marketing. With a creative soul and analytical mind, Sophi enjoys both problem-solving as well as the freedom to create unique and personalized solutions. She is quick to recognize areas of improvement and create the solutions to do so. 
When she’s not in her home office, Soph can be found in the mountains of Colorado, at the beaches in San Diego, or crunching numbers at a brewery in Boulder (yup, still using that accounting degree). Sophi lives and works from an off-grid dome on the Colorado/Wyoming border with her two feline furbabies, baby doggy and hot husband. On her days off, she enjoys sipping craft beer, renovating the house, surfing, hiking 14ers, and eating pizza.



Raised in a family of small business owners - since 1995

Masters of Business Administration with a Marketing emphasis from CU Boulder - 2021

Bachelors Degree in Accounting from the University of San Francisco - 2017

Business of Craft Brewing Certificate from Portland State University - 2020

“I love that I get to combine my creativity with my love for problem solving, all while supporting local and small businesses!”


wild child

Soph has always had a tendency to follow her own path, leaving the conventional route behind. With her as your marketer, you have the freedom to mold your business into however you want, using Barebone Marketing as your greatest resource throughout the process.


ocean currents

Sophi understands that life is a lot like the sea - sometimes you have to go with the flow. She comes prepared to dive in the deep end with you and your business - working with you, not against you. Just like the surf, business is not always about controlling the tide, but about properly responding and riding the wave.

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