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/'berbōn/ adj.
Reduced to or comprising only the basic or essential elements of something. The minimum essentials.

/ˈmɑrkətɪŋ/ verb
Act of making business decisions that align with the mission and strategy of the entity. 



To us, "Barebone” is more than just our name, it’s our philosophy. We believe that good, high-quality marketing and business development can be accessible and transparent: no fluff, no suits, no bullshit. Our barebone approach allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive and build their brand without wasting any time, energy, or budget on useless formalities. 


To us, marketing is more than just brand books, social media, and SEO; it’s the act of making strategic decisions on a holistic level, making decisions that put your brand in a position to reach the highest number of potential clients. By attracting the right audience, we can set up your business for success. 



We believe a world with more small business success is a better world. We can’t be a piece in that puzzle if we don’t price ourselves accordingly. Quality brand services and marketing expertise should not be exclusive, and often times those services are priced out of reach for the little dudes. We know entrepreneurs and small businesses (we are one!) don’t typically have a big budget. Little time, little money – right? So that’s what we’ve based our business on – how can we give more time back without breaking the bank. Barebone Marketing is here to be affordable to those who need quality business guidance but don’t have the biggest budget. 


On average, marketing and business consultants charge over one hundred dollars an hour, many cost three times as much as that, and some reach the thousands of dollars per hour. At Barebone Marketing we factor in labor at the rate of $55 an hour. 

“WTF – did they just straight up tell us what Soph makes!?”

Yup. We’re also big on transparency here – ya know, that whole “no bullshit business” motto.


the barebone way

Every business needs a foundation to build on. This is where Barebone Marketing comes in. Barebone uses years of knowledge, experience, and intuition to give you the essential marketing basics to build from - for you to continue towards your business goals. Above all, our priorities at Barebone Marketing include authenticity, transparency, communication and fair value. We will always be honest in our recommendations, working towards your best interest and treating your business like our own.


We don’t want you to need us.

We want you to succeed.

A world with more small business success is a better world.

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