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Barebone Marketing is proud to have worked with some incredible organizations and individuals on a variety of projects since establishment in 2020. Here are some examples and testimonials of Barebone Marketing's work.

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On Air Brands/PodMAX

Barebone Marketing was brought on to manage and execute the quarterly PodMAX event, bringing entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and podcasters together for an all-day, virtual workshop.

"Sophia was an integral part of our company and brought an unmatched energy to everything she touched. She came with skill and passion at every turn. Her talent and ability is unmatched, and we were confident that she could handle whatever was asked."

    -Josh Cary, PodMAX co-founder

Show Up Positive Results Personal Training

The OG client. Daryl Marie came with a vision and an idea which Barebone Marketing refined and executed. Daryl said she spent hours picking a font and knew her time was better used elsewhere when she came to Barebone to produce her business basics with the Wishbone package.

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"There is so much that goes into starting a business, that honestly had never crossed my mind, and Sophi made it so streamlined and simple for me. She gathered in depth information about my vision, and talked me through parts that I was unsure of. She then executed beyond my wildest dreams! Her creativity and ability to bring someone else's business to life is stellar."

- Daryl Marie, owner of Show Up Positive Results Personal Training



PrintWorks, a one man print shop in San Diego, had been around for over 20 years. The owner's time was spent focusing on his clients' needs and work, rather than his own. Barebone Marketing reworked PrintWorks' online presence, providing new digital media content, a clearer domain and strategic consulting - which ultimately led to PrintWorks' first five star reviews.

See Barebone Marketing's website work here:

passion projects

Too Much Tuition, CU

This is the project that got Sophia's name out there and snowballed into becoming a business. Implementing her MBA education of marketing strategy, Soph applied these skills to a passion project that advocated for fairer tuition within the University of Colorado school system. Her campaign resulted in thousands of signatures on a petition, raising awareness of the lack of transparency in decision-making and $5m added to the emergency grant fund for students.


Read about Too Much Tuition, CU here: Denver Post Article

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Humble Adome

Living an off-grid, geodesic dome with triangle windows is not a common thing. It comes with its learning curves and lifestyle adjustments. To practice her website design and social media skills (also because it's unique and cool), Soph began a blog to develop content about what it's like living in a globe at 8,500 feet.

See the Humble Adome website here:

And Instagram: @HumbleAdome

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