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revamp // rebrand


Start with a complete marketing audit from a pro who can provide executable recommendations and an overhaul of your online presence. This is ideal for small businesses that are already established and looking for a face lift.


- Website Update
- Logo Update and/or Set-Up
- Branding Guidelines Update and/or Set-Up
- Strategic Statements
- Light Market Analysis 
- Marketing Strategy Proposal
- General Business Recommendations

The stale strategy you launched a decade ago may not be the most effective now that you’ve become an established entrepreneur. It's time to catch up and it's not too late to get your shit together.
At Barebone Marketing, we are both your fresh perspective and the brutally honest opinion you need; we're here to take a hard, objective look at your business, bringing new eyes and expertise to beautify and optimize your landing pages and processes - and ultimately breathe vitality back into your brand.



Feeling a bit dried up? Or perhaps you just want to prevent becoming outdated. You want to know what opportunities you have, where you could be doing more, and how you could be doing better. If that's the case, then the Bonedry Revamp Service is for you.

Consultations: 6

2 1 hour sessions, 4 1/2 hour sessions

Price: $2,700 total



Consultations // Meetings for the purpose of understanding your vision and values for your business. We'll discuss branding preferences and logistics so that we have the best understanding of your work.

Final Consultation // The last meeting (1 hour) will go over all of these assets so you can manage them moving forward

Strategic Statements // Positioning Statement, Mission Statement, Value Statement

Market Analysis includes // SWOT Analysis, Target Consumer Persona, Market research findings

Goal-Oriented Marketing Strategy Proposal // 2 Strategic Initiatives, 3 Tactics for each Initiative  

Timeline // 8 weeks from the first consultation

Revisions // All revisions are available for an extra cost after the final delivery

Is this not quite hitting the bullseye?

Check out our á la carte options and additional services.

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