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A DIY version of the Lazybones and Wishbone services. Do everything Barebone Marketing does yourself! 

The Backbone is ideal for the business owner who has time, energy, and likes to sit in the driver’s seat. We provide the recipe, but you are in charge of the process at every step of the way. 


This package provides a how-to instruction book to prepare you to launch. From building your online presence to branding and messaging, you'll follow along throughout Barebone Marketing's set-up tutorial, all while having access to our top marketing consultants. Be ready to put your back into it.


This guidebook is a tangible product (digital or print option available) and you can tackle it at your own pace; consultation are available for an additional cost to which hourly fees apply.


***PRE-ORDER*** Estimated ship date: December 2021

**PRE-ORDER** Backbone Guidebook

  • Upon receipt of the digital or physical product, there will be no refunds allowed. 

  • Barebone Marketing equips readers and users with the tools to set up their business but shall not be held responsible for buyer's business losses. 

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